L’Oréal Paris: Stand Up

L’Oréal Paris is a brand that stands for and with women. The iconic tagline, “Because you are worth it,” continues to be a universal rallying cry for generations of women to realize their self-worth and action it to accomplish their dreams.

L'Oréal Paris Stand Up

To take this mission even further L’Oréal Paris commissioned a study to ask women around the world what are the main detractors of their self-worth. The research found that the #1 issue that women and girls face globally is harassment, namely “street harassment,” or harassment in public places. “Street harassment” is about more than sex – it is about power and control over women. It robs women of their dignity, steals their sense of security and diminishes their self-worth.

But, there is an opportunity to create meaningful impact as while 78% of women were harassed, only 25% say someone helped them. Yet, 79% of women wish someone had intervened. As a brand that empowers women’s worth, L’Oréal Paris is asking us all to STAND UP against street harassment.

L’Oréal Paris has launched STAND UP, a global partnership and campaign with the NGO Hollaback! designed to train bystanders who witness street harassment incidents to intervene or help in safe and appropriate ways.

For more information on the research and training, please visit www.standup-us.com.

The commercial song is Original Music by Unknown artist. This song was produced specifically for the commercial and unfortunately, it is not available to purchase or download on any music sites.

Thus, I am not able to get any information about this song. However, if you have any information about this song by any chance, please leave your comment.

You can watch the full ad here.

L’Oréal Paris: Stand Up Let’s Act Together Against Street Harassment
Client: L’Oréal Paris
Geo: France
Released: October 2020
Advertising Agencies: McCann, Paris
Production Company: Empreinte Digitale
Directors: Charlotte Lavocat & Benjamin Hoffman
Music: Original Music by Unknown artist

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