Playboy: Make The Cover

Break convention, challenge perceptions.

Playboy Make The Cover

You don’t need to look like a model to make the cover. Do what you want, say what you want, act how you want – be true to yourself.

Appearance, gender, and sexuality no longer restrict how you choose to express yourself & who can make it to the top.

Be bold, be you.

You can watch the full ad here.

Playboy Fragrances: Make The Cover
Client: Playboy Fragrances
Geo: France
Released: September 2020
Advertising Agency: Sid Lee, Paris
Production Company: Solab
Director: Nadia Lee Cohen
Chief Creative Officer: Sylvain Thirache
Creative Director: Stephane Soussan
Producer: Marine Redon
Art Director: Ludovic Gontrand
Producer: Nicolas Tiry
Copywriter: Aurore Cremmydas
Director Of Photography: Arnau Valls Colomer
Music: Liar, Liar by The Castaways

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